Estate Planning (wills, trusts, etc.)    

Family Office Planning

Business Entities (LLC, corporations, partnerships)    

Farm Transfer/Succession Planning

Transferring the ownership and/or management of a farm can be complex. Failure to plan for these transfers can lead to financial difficulties and strife for your heirs. A transfer plan will be unique as each farm has different operations, assets and family situations. Plans typically use traditional estate planning tools such as wills and trusts and business entities such as limited liability companies, corporations and partnerships. Planning typically begins with a consultation where you can discuss your situation and explore the solutions to create a plan for your farm. If you retain me to implement your plan, the cost of the consultation will be credited toward the cost of the plan.

 Farm Leases
Includes crop-share, cash rent, irrigated land, pasture, etc.

 Real Estate (contracts, deeds, title opinions, etc.)

 Oil & Gas (lease reviews, SWDW leases, etc.)

Estate & Trust Administration (probate)